"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
Some reflections – Friend
Some reflections – Friend

Some reflections – Friend

📌In terms of worshipping idols. This teaching comes from the Torah.

Circa 500-600 years after the Buddha’s passing the first statue of the Buddha was created by a Greek fellow.

📌Jesus said to the Jews “you are the synogue of satan”. Buddha was not mentioned even though Buddha had passed 500 years earlier and ‘Buddhism’ was well established.

Buddha taught about the six types of humans.

  • SammasamBuddha
  • PaccekhaBuddha
  • Arahant
  • Ariya/Noble

The wise.

  • Pothujana – The ordinary person
  • Fool or foolish

The Buddha addressed others as ‘Friend’. Think about it.

Today we have classifications; Heathen, Infidel, Goyim(cattle), gentile, fascist, rascist, antisemite, white/black supremacist, and on and on.

Be like the Lord Buddha. Address others as friend. It’s better this way.


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