"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
An  example of Marxist gatekeeping
An example of Marxist gatekeeping

An example of Marxist gatekeeping

One of our members has posted a link to the article. “We cannot ignore Buddhist extremism”.

OK folks. The article. ..besides being mostly emotional and without any factual evidence. .. boring and infantile.

Where are these ‘Buddhist extremists’? Please do tell. See friends this is all about ‘collectivism’. Get in line with our narrative or we will attack you. Sorry. Just no. No and no again.

This is getting boring. No mention of Buddha’s Teaching. No understanding of Dhamma nor the practice. Little to no reason. Avijj─ü is in effect.

Not one Buddhist war in history.

So the author uses an inaccurate assessment of the issue in Burma. What about Turkish muslims and other groups wiping out Buddhism in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and more? or how about the mass slaughter and beheading of over ten thousand monks in India?

What about Tibet? What happened there?

in Bangladesh? not so long ago Muslims burnt down Buddhist temples and perpetrated violent acts against the people. Was there retailation? Was there a Buddhist uprising? None.

OK so now what? Buddhist retaliation? None.

Marxist scholars trying ever so hard to gatekeep. Folks they can’t help it. They cannot find anything. Emotionally charged articles to stir things up from nonsense is what is upon us.

Please marxists meditate. ‘May All living beings be well and happy’. There you go..practice BUDDHA TEACHINGS.


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1 year ago

It’s funny how the writers continuously accuse Buddhists asking questions of being alt-right or right wing extremists. I ask such questions and have always had a liberal bias. Live and let live is my view. As a teenager I discovered socialism requires dictatorship which caused me to become an anarchist. I tired of explaining what an “anarchist” meant and usually call myself libertarian these days. I have become a conservative in religion, the oldest suttas are what I consider most significant, but otherwise I still believe people should have the freedom to do what they like so long as it harms no one. I am aware that many conservatives point to us all being emerged in the web of creation and any act affects the whole. Still I think that liberty is the only political principle that is compassionate and practical.

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