"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
Pandora’s box and Buddhism
Pandora’s box and Buddhism

Pandora’s box and Buddhism

A western civil society is built on documents and agreements. Some of these documents are articles of incorporation or corporation. ‘Co-operatives’. Constitution document. Laws to uphold the principles of the constitution et al.

Then comes the human structure such as Judges, representatives whether local state or federal. A governing body of people. Defence personnel. Domestic policing force. The creation of the country and its borders. States, regions, suburbs. The creation of a labour force to build infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools, cities et al.
Finance creation. Medical infrastructure. Educational infrastructure and so forth. Lastly the rights of the ‘citizen’.

In a country with a Monarchy this is done differently. The power structures are different between Monarchy and the government.

So far everything is neat and tidy. It all should work perfectly. The reality though is different.

What happens when the human structure of a civil society becomes compromised? The meaning of corruption in this context refers to neglecting to uphold the principles of the constitutional document. To neglect the created laws. Of course this is a human aberation not a document aberation.

Interpretation of the written word relies on the Human responsible to oversee and uphold it. Who is this human? If it is not you then who is it?

In the present our western countries are well formed. They have a governing body. Judges, lawyers, police, military, doctors, a labour force etc. They have a body of ‘citizens’. Citizens that pay taxes. That vote. That contribute. So why are things not so perfect? Is it the constitution? Is it the formed laws? Is it the loopholes in these documents? Or could it be that citizens are neglecting their duty to uphold the principles of the founding documents? Surely it cannot be the government…

Now to the point.

What is overlooked is that ‘Power is undeniably seducing’. The attainment of power is a real force of nature that can be intoxicating. We see this everyday. Even a schoolyard bully becomes intoxicated with his intimidation tactics in order to control other students. In terms of governing power and policing power these powers have been sought for and fought for since time began. It really has never truly been resolved. Conquest after conquest. War after war. Endless.

What is the role of the citizen when the governing body becomes compromised? To put it plainly…when the officials and representatives become intoxicated? Corrupt?

What causes governing officials and citizens to neglect the principles in the governing constitutional document?

My friend this is where Pandora’s box needs to be finally opened. Otherwise let us keep the box closed and live in neglect. Your choice.

Causation of intoxication and corruption of rightful duty. Hence the downfall of a civil society:

  • Bribes.
  • Foreign influence and infiltration which attract officials to bend the knee.
  • Death threats.
  • Sexual interests.
  • Secret societies.
  • Secret agreements.
  • Business and financial interests.
  • Sexual favours.
  • Special interest favours.
  • Hatred of the principles.
  • Disagreement of the principles.
  • Officials who are intent on destroying for personal gain.
  • Officials that secretly want to overthrow.

Any person in a position of authority can be compromised by any of the above said factors. Putting it in plain English; greed, hatred, lust for ambition and power.

Have you ever given this any thought?

What is the duty of the citizen when any of the causing factors are in effect? This has never been clearly defined. There is no road map. What duty does a citizen have when the governing body of representatives has become intoxicated?

The majority of citizens choose (it seems) to handle it ib one of two (or both) ways.

1. Ignore it and simply do nothing. Or

2. Rebel, not comply, protest, or use force. One extreme to another. This is because there is no real clear cut way to deal with corruption. Let’s face it.

Rights need and ought to be protected.

When any official in any position is intoxicated what should be the recourse then if not extreme as mentioned?

What is even more puzzling is what happens when governing officials, policing officials, legal officials, medical officials, media officials and groups of citizens are part of a secret society? In bed together in a secret agreement? For the normal uninitiated citizen this is perplexing to say the least.

Why? The uninitiated citizen knows little or nothing about it. The uninitiated official knows little or nothing about it. Clever isn’t it?

What happens when a domestic secret society has formed secret agreements with foreign entities? Another stifling and incrediblly puzzling notion.

📍The solution?

Alas herein lies the difficulty; How to identify the difference between the uninitiated and initiated?

Let’s say a ‘vigilant citizen’ group is formed or a ‘vigilant official’ group is formed. How do these two groups defend themselves from secret society member infiltration or corruption themselves?

What can citizens do when the governing body has ceased to follow the constitution without resorting to violence?

Here are our solutions:

If there is anarchy, civil war or martial law then ‘Just Survive’. Secure food and water sources for yourself, family and local community. Learn to adapt quickly. Live with less. Be strong.

The second is to ‘Stay firm in your morality’. Do not comply with any order that is outside the five Buddhist precepts. Avoid behaviour that does not lead to unity and harmony in the community.

The third to ‘Refuse to follow the way of the fool’. I.e engage in killing, stealing, deception, or anything that leads to destroying public property or any property.

Lead the way. Wherever you can ‘Make things right’. In the right way.

The best solution of them all. Follow and take Refuge in the Buddha. Learn from the Buddha.

Develop and cultivate ‘Right View’. Be generous with your brothers and sisters. Be kind to others even if things become hostile and ugly keep your composure. Do not add to the downfall. Do not feed it.