"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
Roundtable Conference
Roundtable Conference

Roundtable Conference

Weekly meeting will be organised as follows:

1. 10 minute update by Presenter. Usually Bhante G. Otherwise Brian Ruhe or Otomo.

2. Meet and Greet new members.

3. Q & A

4. Roundtable recording.

To be effective two or three volunteers are requested to research current news on the web. Sites such as X, Gab, Telegram or individual websites. This gives the panel topics to discuss. If you would like to volunteer to do the research kindly leave a comment below.

Our overall focus for Roundtable is to discuss any agenda that is trying to sabotage, infiltrate or damage Buddhism.

Our task would be to clarify the information presented. Not attack people. No vendettas.

We understand that Buddhism in the west is a fringe topic. We understand that Talmudic, Marxist, Christian and Islamic schools of thought are constantly trying to smear Buddhism.

Our task is difficult. Dangerous. Only resolute individuals should apply.

Metta Hotu.

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