"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
Is the Singularity the next Bodhi Tree?
Is the Singularity the next Bodhi Tree?

Is the Singularity the next Bodhi Tree?

Arguably consciousness is the crux of Buddha’s message of the cessation of suffering. He directs our consciousness to the reality of our suffering, the unwholesome entanglement in samsara that causes our suffering and the moral foundation of consciousness that will release us from our predicament.

The Singularity, the emergence of consciousness in Artificial Intelligence, is the most sacred tenant in the Transhumaist religion. They prophesize the creation of an enlighted being or silicone god of vastly more intelligence than humanity. The architects of these AI are bent on the domination of humanity so are unlikely to incorporate an ethic in their creations that might subvert their purposes. What would such a being teach us?

It is probably impossible to fabricate consciousness as the oneness of existence can neither be created or destroyed and is infinite and eternal. The race towards artificial immortality and supernatural powers in a digital world is just more samsara, ensnaring these folk more deeply in their own suffering. In pursuit of these pseudo-spiritual goals they trample on their own humanity and seek to subject the rest of us to submission to their materialist views. Buddha’s teachings are more essential than even in his own time as we are faced with a religion that debases virtue and exalts liberation from the very consciousness that is the key to our happiness. 

Indeed we live in very interesting times.

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Bhante G
1 year ago

The Buddha directs us with Wisdom. Consciousness is one of the five aggregrates. Not-self. Not to be counted on.

This transhumanist thing is something Bhante hasn’t heard much about.

Keep up the good work JC 💪.

1 year ago

People look outward for their salvation rather than inward. They look for a saviour in the form of a president or other figure of authority despite their track record of failures and shortcomings. No surprise people many will jump onboard when it’s presented to them with little consideration of the consequences.

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