"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
The Path forward
The Path forward

The Path forward

Not bad. I like the general idea. I did clean up some of the languages, and correct a few factual inaccuracies though, how does this sound?

The Path forward (Revised)

We in the west have become the unwitting victims to gaslighting from demonic figures whose aim is to enslave us to their desires.

Through endless wars, public health panics, resource shortage scares, financial instability (endless cycles of boom/bust) the demonic figures have manipulated and gaslighted the people way from a wholesome life of virtues and morals, to a demonic view of immorality, corruption, and eternal suffering (hell).

It is now become intolerable to thrive among the demonic forces, to co-exist next to them, to be their unwitting slave.

This is why I now propose the following steps to lead the people (an exodus) from the demonic en-slavers:

1.  Create cards, handbills, fliers, pamphlets, books, and social media to educate as to “why we suffer” and “The way to well-being and righteousness through Dharma” – The path of enlightenment.

2. Point to a site where we have sermons on a non-sectarian and totally western view (western language) and western terminology that teaches the basic concepts that the Buddha taught. We will not be promoting any Asian or Far-east culture, not using any Sanskrit or pali words, save the few which have been naturalized into the English language. Everything is to be translated to Western terminology.

For example, Jesus (an Essene) taught the Dharma using Jewish terminology.  That is why what he taught is different than that of the old testament, and why he did not promote devotion to the same God that the Jews of his time believed in. This is why the Pharisees hated Jesus, but also why Christians downplay the Old Testament (that pact with the Judean tutelary spirit Yahweh). Islam’s Muhammad made a pact with Yahweh (whom Muslims call Allah), though later sects such as the more mystical forms of Sufism brought in the Dharma that downplays the concrete words Mohammad attributed Allah, thus becoming the mortal enemy of the legalistic types of Islam which constitute the sheer majority.

3. Teach Dharma in the Western cultural sphere, in a totally western style. Again, no Asian or far-east multi-cultural blending. We take the teachings and present them in a style and manor that Westerners are accustomed too.

4. We teach practical types of devotion, contemplation, and purification. All of these things will help us withdraw from the corrupted worldly ways (the demonic distractions) and to focus on building the community of the faith.  Yes, what we are doing will be called a cult, it will be called a dangerous, will be called a scam, and so on.  Yet, it is the only way forward if you really think about it.