"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.
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Terms of Use/Service

Terms of Use/Service

‘Observe ‘Right Speech’ when posting comments, articles or media.

Rightly written information;

  • Accurate
  • Correct
  • Factual
  • Timely

Please refrain from posting material that is

  • Gossip
  • Idle
  • Harsh
  • False


Images, media, posts, articles and/or communication that includes

  • Porn
  • Nudity
  • Illegal content
  • Violence or threat of violence
  • Spam
  • Harassment
  • Solicitation of members
  • Do not ask any member for private details.
  • please note: If any member produces or gives personal or sensitive information to other member/s.. Buddhists for Truth nor its administrators can be held liable for any damages, legal proceedings et al.

Morbid images are allowed ‘Asubhamnusati’.

This website buddhistsfortruth.info  and its administrators (definition in privacy policy) shall not be held liable for any information presented or produced by its members and/or subscribers.

Please do not give your personal details and/or any personal information to anyone on this site.

Administrators may need your user name for internal functions such as

  • password reset
  • deletion of account
  • technical issues of any kind

Other than your user name administrators may need your email address (rarely). No other information shall be requested from administrators.

📌Administrators of this website will never ask any member for credit card details, home address, bank details, details about family et al. Or ask for images or social account information et al.

Please see ‘Privacy policy’ for details on data management.


Last revised 4th DEC 22