"There are three things that cannot remain hidden. The Sun. The Moon. The Truth."... Lord Buddha.


Howdy Seeker.

As you might have noticed there have been some changes to the site. Experimenting with different platforms. We have some choices to explore. In the end it may well be more practical to have a plain blog.

The reasons are many. Main one cost. WordPress is good for blogging and keeping a low budget. It’s when we want wordpress to become something else. Like a social platform. Bells and whistles.

See bells and whistles are like peanuts. Cheap thrills. Two kinds of happiness. The peanut variety. Fleeting impermanent not lasting. The second is the happiness that comes from Cessation of Dukkha. The mundane dweller prefers the peanut kind.

Here on Buddhists for Truth we aim for Cessation. Nirodho Hoti. The cure to it all.

Website? Purpose? Internet can be useful if used in a skillful way. Like all conditioned things…it comes with conditions. The purpose is to use this platform for the right reasons. Spending copious amounts of money for bells and whistles to satisfy peanut tendencies.. well.

As stated we need $$ to make this happen. In the meantime Bhante G will continue to experiment with different programs. What works and what doesn’t.

This latest program is a twitter style format. It has a beefy verification system to slow down spam and bot accounts. This is good.

Roundtable discussions are coming. The last two were firecrackers.

Soon Bhante G may go offgrid for a while. Don’t worry. Mark and Frank are taking care of things.

Volunteer if you have skills and knowledge of wordpress. My skills are limited.

Keep up your practice Seeker before long the one way ticket expires.


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